The HEADSHIP Program is a leading and innovative platform of a wide spectrum of soft skills addressed and specifically adapted to school and university students and graduates, through highly inspirational workshops on skills which are not taught at educational institutions, but still are so integral to living a successful, effective life in our today's rapidly evolving world.


Pedagogic Methodology

Workshop sessions are provided in a highly interactive and motivational ambiance!
Apart from the theoretical/academic side, they include multimedia, games, group exercises, role plays, etc. in order to achieve best learning results, and to create high stimulus levels for attendees’ individual and collective reflection and engagement.

Success Factors

Interconnecting with colleagues, superiors, partners, loved ones, friends, spouses, neighbors, acquaintances, etc., - whether it’s face-to-face, by email, social media, and telephone - all require certain self-awareness and social skills to be acquired.

The newer generation has been called the soundless peers, due to interacting overwhelmingly via mediums, such as texting, social media messages, email, and so on.

The wider consequence could be social isolation, and lowered self-development, which could stifle a person in various ways and potentially become a barrier to rewarding careers and to the enjoyment of relationships, and broader aspects of life.

The HEADSHIP Program ultimate success is measured by attendees gaining the right attitudes in addition to the aptitudes; this can only be successfully achieved, by bonding the growing gap between the busy schedule of the academic subject matter curriculum, and life skills needed for people to excel and shine individually and collectively!

Wide Variety of Themes

The Program offers different topics within the following Skills’ Collections


The HEADSHIP Program offers students a wide variety of workshops on personal attributes that enable them to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.

Soft skills are a combination of people skills, social skills, communication skills, character or personality traits, attitudes, career attributes, social and emotional intelligence, etc.


The HEADSHIP Program offers students a wide variety of workshops on conceptual skills where they learn many abilities to think creatively about, analyze and understand complicated and abstract ideas.


Students seeking entrepreneurial careers, or contemplating to venture in startups require special skills to lead a team effectively

The HEADSHIP Program offers a wide variety of essential management skills such as Planning, process approach, basic auditing, Decision-making, Delegation, Problem-solving, etc.


The search for talents is constantly intensifying, and therefore the need for sound students’ orientation based on both market needs and personal preferences, as opposed to parental and peers’ pressure. 

We adopt the best tools for talents’ maximization through psychometric tests that have become one of the essential gears in the identification of candidates’ potential and the prediction of future success.

While personality and cognitive assessments are most commonly used, new fields of investigation such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence, interests, or situational judgment gain more and more interest. This trend opens up new perspectives, promoting a multi-criteria assessment approach, coupled by sound workshops’ needs analysis and provision through a targeted and customized selection, from the HEADSHIP Program wide scope of related topics.


It is no top-secret we all fancy acquiring new learnings in small byte sized packages, and in a fun environment! This led to the creation of: “Short Stint / Hot Stuff” Series for students.

We have carefully put together a blend of dynamic topics to encourage creative thinking, entrepreneurship, collaborative working, continual self-development, and productivity.

Our incredibly brief but amazingly beneficial workshops consist of 90-minute hands-on sessions on various advantageous topics related to both self and professional development.

The sessions are short, fun, straight-to-the point and highly interactive, to ensure the best learning experience for students


As needed, our workshop sessions include coaching, facilitated at the group level.  Content and synopsis can be adapted as per needs and requirements.

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