The HEADSHIP Program is a leading and innovative edifying platform that assists students, fresh graduates, as well as professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and career shifters with the necessary skills and tools required for the job market, and the highly challenging and rapidly evolving business world.

The Program success factors are ultimately measured by opening doors to valuable prospects and by striving to match talent into a corresponding work environment, through internship facilitation and continual support and counselling as needed.

The Program is managed by two representatives from Edward W Kelley and Partners - an international Board Advisory, Human Capital and Executive Search consultancy boutique and QMS Engineers - a consulting bureau that assists organizations in formalizing their HR and Management System and prepare for the ISO Certification.

Optimistic Vision

The program aims to bridge the growing gap between the busy schedule and subject matter curriculum of the academic world that might be overlooking essential career skills needed for people to excel and shine individually and collectively apart from their acquired technical knowledge.

Client Focus Approach

Our focus is to open a window of opportunities for our clients’ career path within the framework of a three-day boot camp, through:

  • Training on primary skills essential for the job market
  • Offering career counseling sessions by our leading coaches and mentors
  • Opening a window of opportunities by our internship package
  • Sustaining channels of communications to withstand support and guidance
  • Offering interactive panel discussions with leading executives and entrepreneurs
  • Offering internship opportunities as required by participating organizations and as available and reasonably achievable; to that purpose, the Program sustains a relationship with several companies across various sectors and sizes to understand their needs for interns and related qualifications required, and to provide the best efforts to fulfill them

Program Stages

The Program consists of three stages as follows:


  • One on one interview
  • Shaping general skills for market demands and expectations
  • Building market intelligence, business ethic, and necessary skills and experience for steady career growth
  • Preparing attendees for today’s competitive landscape
  • Practicing job interview skills with professionals


  • Internship placement in leading multinationals, corporates or startups, as requested and available.
  • Performance indicator system providing continued guidance, support and ensuring actual value to both the interns and the participating company


  • Access to continued career support and employment opportunities through gaining access to the HEADSHIP Program community and benefiting from eventual networking opportunities


  • Economic burden Budget cuts have created a decline in opportunities across sectors
  • Companies & corporates are turning to hiring fresh graduates, forfeiting proper experience, compromising on matching skillsets, and risking healthy turnover over time
  • Opportunity to create a solution that results in effective talent retention and appropriate job creation 
  • Reducing the divide between a growing population of talented youth and the needs of today’s job market
  • Addressing mismatched opportunities


  • Employers
  • Commitment to value creation
  • Collaboration on internship objectives
  • Better practices in internship program design
  • Less time to integrate into operations
  • Lower risk for miscommunication with intern
  • Access to talent pool attractive for hire
  • Students
  • Internship of real value in learning and growth
  • Opportunity to grow in the culture of free-thinking and collaboration
  • Deeper understanding of workplace demands and expectations
  • Real employability and access opportunities


  • Practicing job interview skills for today’s competitive market
  • Assessing learnings and receiving actionable feedback
  • Accessing personal career and related skills coaching

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