Our Methodology

QMS Engineers uses the PDCA cycle as an optimal tool to regularly improve your processes and practices, and for increased productivity, profits, and customer satisfaction, while making your organization stress free for you and your employees.

The PDCA cycle involves four basic steps:


To identify/recognize and to design/revise and outline the methods needed for planning management components.

This phase also includes establishing correct metrics/objectives through which we can measure concretely the factors affecting the system.


Known as the prototyping phase, this involves implementing and testing the proposed plan.

This phase allows management to test whether such plan will actually make a positive impact or not without running the risk of reducing productivity or affecting profits.



This phase deals with auditing among other tools and techniques. It circles around measuring results (set out in the Do phase) versus benchmark results (specified in the Plan phase). This means evaluating key performance indicators in light of experimental adjustments in a practical setting.


An implementation of the proposed changes in case the tests (Do phase) prove successful (established by the Check phase).

This phase transforms the proposed changes into integrated practices within your regular business processes.


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