Our objective is for your business to experience immediate benefits!

QMS Engineers has created a special unit, SkillCap, to provide you with workshop sessions, according to your needs and conveniences.

  • Workshops are conducted in a communicative way, favoring participation and personal initiative.
  • Workshops combine comprehensive topics with illustrative models and targeted case studies.
  • QMS Engineers’ special program SkillCap provides complete series of workshops, as well as separated workshop sessions.
  • Our facilitators will customize content according to your needs, convenience and time constraints without compromising on their value, and performance's quality impact
  • SkillCap’s umbrella of workshops comprises five main series, namely:
    1. Human Capital Empowerment Series (Soft Skills)
    2. General & ISO Management Series
    3. Technical HR CBMS Series
    4. Sales & Customer Servicing Series
    5. Leadership and Growth Mindset Series
Each series contains various related topics.

Human Capital Empowerment Series (Soft Skills)

  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation & Public Speaking Skills
  • Time Management Basics
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Anger & Stress Management
  • Flexibility & Change Adaptation
  • Creative Thinking
  • Personal Branding
  • Body Language
  • The Art of Understanding People Personalities

General & ISO Management Series

  • Strategy Setting
  • Designing A Balance Scorecard
  • MBO & MWBA
  • Yearly Strategic Business Planning
  • Corporate Governance Principles
  • Iso Overview
  • Quality Management System Requirements & Kickoff
  • Health & Safety Management System Requirements & Kickoff
  • Auditing

Technical HR CBMS Series

  • Competencies Framework & Competencies’ Dictionary
  • Interviewing & Recruitment Techniques
  • HR dept. Quality Planning
  • Resume Screening & CVs Management
  • HR dept. Launching
  • Standard Operating HR Procedures

Sales & Customer Servicing Series

  • Selling Skills (Basic, Intermediate, Expert)
  • Customer Servicing Skills (Basic, Intermediate, Expert)

Leadership and Growth Mindset Series

Twenty-Week Program planned around the essential attributes needed for the organization’s leaders to continually develop their skill sets to be more effective, and eventually as a way to increase profit.

Note from our facilitators

Organizations might plan to conduct the entire series’ topics or select topics of interest from different series.

Research shows employees are more satisfied with their work and tend to exhibit more brand loyalty with firms that invest in their employees. QMS Engineers’ special program SkillCap will provide experienced knowledge transfer and workshop sessions to equip and prepare your teams for successful and more efficient execution of services.

Our customized content and workshop sessions are provided on site, or in selected locations.

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