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July 09, 2014

Herro Home Holding hosts QMS Engineers’ workshop sessions on Selling Skills for its entities’ sales force

On both 9th and 16th of July, HHH with the collaboration of QMS Engineers, hosted a two days workshop on selling skills to further enhance the technical capabilities of its entities’ sales force, namely Drap d’ Lit, HomeCity, and Flair.
An in-house development of workshop curriculum was set by QMS Engineers in accordance with needs and time constraints. This workshop emphasized on fundamentals and processes provided to salespeople, so they can better understand themselves, better understand the customer, and better manage the five key steps of the sales process.

• How to greet customers, then shift from one step to the next with a clear logic of do's and don'ts
• How to recognize what the customer really wants and needs, and translate that into product features and benefits
• How to achieve a stronger customer relationship by considering the emotional side of the customer's needs
• How to create an interaction that wins the customer's enthusiasm and satisfaction by managing the salesperson’s own personal style
• How to realize higher margins and closing ratios through better recognizing and managing the objections that accompany sales

The workshop that constituted the foundation of high-performing salespeople was conducted in a communicative and pleasant atmosphere, and the holding along with its entities will surely reap its benefits in the near future.


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