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August 20, 2014

B-Beirut, LBC’s hit variety daily magazine show, hosted QMS Engineers for an interview about HR and Quality management systems.
B-Beirut is being shot at different malls, and several other exclusive locations for the show such Beirut Souks. It is broadcasted Live daily from 2:30 until 5:00 pm on LBC SAT, LBC Europe, Rotana Music, and LBC’s YouTube channel.
Since B-Beirut has a large share of audience in its category; the collaboration of Lebanon and the region’s key figures doesn’t come as a surprise. They are featured along with a bulletin covering all lifestyle topics with a different unique approach to health, beauty, fashion, culture and other various issues.
On the 20th of August, B-Beirut hosted QMS Engineers to present the topics of HR and Quality Management System leading to the ISO certification in the most simplified style away from strict theories, and confusing principles and academics.
The segment started with a report showcasing the history of the ISO concept, presenting the nonprofit organization’s headquarters in Geneva, and relating how the international standards became so widely popular.
QMS Engineers’ Managing Director stated that the process goes as follows: organizations need to make the decision and commitment towards conceiving and implementing a quality management system. After which, a vision and clear measurable objectives should be set; in parallel a planning phase takes place where all processes and procedures are documented and communicated. Operations are then implemented accordingly, and after a system maturity period, an audit takes place to show conformance. Corrective and preventive measures are then set. The final phase consists in an external audit being done by certification bodies, who eventually issue the ISO certification.
“How can we make sure that we have the right talents for such a venture”, pertinently asked B-Beirut’s host Bilal Al Arabi, which prompted QMS Engineers’ Managing Director to elaborate on the human resources competency-based management system. It was advised to interview candidates based on their personal and technical skills, and consequently to evaluate them and to train them according to their performance and needs.
B-Beirut is the coming together of a new generation of creative and talented community subjects offering a chance and a platform not only for discovering one’s talent and sharing one’s aspiration, skepticisms and concerns but also extending towards making voices heard.
QMS Engineers was pleased to be there, and is keen on maintaining future collaboration…
To watch the full interview, please click on this link:


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