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August 11, 2014

QMS Engineers encourages KUNHADI NGO’s mission by attending SKYBAR’s TAXI NIGHT

TAXI NIGHT an event organized by KUNHADI NGO, aimed at promoting road safety for youth, and consequently a safer nightlife, took place at SKYBAR Beirut on August 11th.
The main goal of this organization is to limit unsafe driving behaviors. This is basically done through sessions, social media awareness, conferences, ads, billboards, and events, all serving this same purpose: promoting road safety awareness!
It is noticeable to mention that the organization is providing its service to the community in a great way, since it follows a rigorous quality management system with clear objectives, documented procedures and regular management audits, as well as periodic management reviews; all in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard for which the NGO has been certified, after successful and committed implementation of requirements with the assistance of their management consultants, namely QMS Engineers.
The whole purpose of this event is to show the young and older generations that it is always possible to enjoy the party, without threatening your life and the life of others. Additionally, it is a fundraising event for which gathered funds go to the execution of several projects that serve the community.
Many famous figures attended the party to encourage this mission, namely Ministers Michel Pharaon and Ziad Baroud, Zein el Omr, Aline Lahoud, Anthony Touma, Mario Bassil, Tony Abou Jaoude, Joe Maalouf, Wissam Breidy, Walid Doumiati, and Toni Baroud… QMS Engineers were there also, as part of their commitment towards their social responsibility program to further witness the organization’s success and events’ creativity which goes in line with their vision and mission.


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