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August 05, 2016

Librex Holding hosts QMS Engineers’ workshop on Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001 Standard’s provisions

In line with its collaboration with Librex Holding, QMS Engineers facilitators conducted a workshop in the premises of the organization highlighting how ISO 9001 makes it possible for small and medium-sized companies to place themselves on par with large corporations, ranking equally in effectiveness and competing on the same footing in the aggressive current market.
The aim was to provide attendees with an insight on the fact that thanks to the implementation of a Quality Management System in accordance with the standard, the organization will be able to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products or services that meet the requirements of the client and the applicable regulations.
Incorporating real case studies and interactive multimedia, the workshop brought the subject to life and catered for all learning styles to enable learners to make more informed transparent decisions that become embedded in the daily operational rhythm of Librex Holding; the workshop content focused on promoting the adoption of a process-based approach within the quality management system’s development, implementation and its effectiveness’ improvement, which is in turn based on the continuous improvement cycle.
The workshop was concluded with strong statements as follows:
Improve the image of the products and/or services offered.
Gain market share and access foreign markets thanks to the trust it generates among clients and consumers.
Access quality agreements reached with clients.
Serve as a means for maintaining and improving the effectiveness and adaptation of the quality management system, when highlighting the points of improvement.
Increase the staff's motivation and participation, as well as improve resource management.


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