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February 26, 2017

QMS Engineers concludes a management system for His Royal Highness Prince Nayef Bin Sultan Bin Abdel Aziz

Alongside with Prorite and MHA, QMS Engineers had the honour to participate in the project of the establishment of a new in-house operation and maintenance company ‘’HAAM’’ in order to maintain private palaces of Her Highness Mother of His Highness Prince Nayef Bin Sultan Bin Abdel Aziz in KSA’s different regions, namely: Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Riyadh, Taif, Abha, and Khobar.
In order to come up with the most realistic feasibility study and subsequent management and operation system for the full satisfaction of His Royal Highness Prince Nayef Bin Sultan Bin Abdel Aziz, MHA has put together a team of subject matter experts, namely: Surveyors Engineers, Assistance Technicians, Management Consultants, Legal Consultants, and Financial Consultants who conducted extensive Sites Survey, and produced accordingly system and tools for proper operations.
The aim of this project was for His Royal Highness Prince Nayef Bin Sultan Bin Abdel Aziz operation and maintenance mandate not to be treated as a business model but to provide the new company with all means and tools to keep the maintenance cost to a minimum, while remaining efficient and professional
The workshop conducted by QMS Engineers on the 26th and 27th of February had the following objectives: To familiarize attendees with the management system in general, and to present an overview of the modules elaborated in particular, in order to:
1. Identify significant requirements
2. Present comprehensive methodology and records as the foundation of implementation
3. Present documentation system as the foundation of implementation
4. Equip attendees with some practical tools and techniques for implementation

The presentation focused around the following administrative deliverables:
1. Organizational Chart
2. Authority Matrix & ARCI Model
3. Job Descriptions
4. Objectives & KPIs Dashboard
5. Documentation Management System
6. Recruitment Management System
7. Appraisal Management System

The workshop was attended by the organization’s top management team as well as senior management members. It was conducted in the most constructive atmosphere.
At the term of the two-day workshop QMS Engineers Managing Director thanked all related parties for their preparation and assistance in holding the workshop session and said: ‘We now have created the environment for further collaboration between all HAAM’s stakeholders, as needed. We sincerely thank you personally for this approach, and we hope our fruitful cooperation will continue!’
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