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February 22, 2017

QMs Engineers attends the closure event of ‘’ Strengthning HR Capacitites in the Lebanese Public Sector’’

Under the high patronage and presence of H.E. Prime Minister Saad El Hariri, the Grand Serail hosted a conference followed by a prestigious cocktail party for the closure of the two-year Project that witnessed a successful cooperation between OMSAR, PLANET and ENA and which was financed by the European Union.
This Project aimed at facilitating the implementation of the part of the "Strategy for Reform and Development of the Public Administration in Lebanon" that deals with the HR component. The project analysed the existing situation and recommended feasible actions to be adopted by the CSB, MOSA, MOT, MOPH and MOI.
Specifically, the project contributed to:
1. The implementation of the ‘Strategy for Reform and Development of Public Administration in Lebanon’ that was officially launched under the patronage of the Lebanese Prime Minister and the Minister of State Administrative Reform in October 2011;
2. The strengthening of the HR structures and functions in the Civil Service Board CSB and in the four (4) Ministries (Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Industry);
3. The implementation of HR operations in an objective and effective manner; and the creation of standardized HR professional practices;
4. The utilization of information and communication technology for a better human resources management.
5. The implementation of training plans;
This event was attended by H.E. Dr. Inaya Ezzeddine, State Minister for Administrative Development Affairs, in addition to Mr. Jamal Za?m-Mounajed, Director General of ENA, - the public establishment, under the Civil Service Board that deals in Sustainable Human Development - the expert team from OMSAR (Office of Minister of State for Administrative Reform) along with Mr. Samer Hankir (Head of training at OMSAR) and PLANET S.A. Consortium team members along with Mr. Kyriakos Fragkozidis (PLANET team leader), and Mr. Bilal Saad? (HR advisor and Key expert at PLANET) as well as official representatives from the European Union, in addition to many other political, economic and social figures, alongside with representatives from the Civil Service Board (CSB) in the four Ministries of Lebanon who participated in the project, namely: The Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Industry.


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