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March 01, 2017

After the successful collaboration between ENA and QMS Engineers, within the project of ‘Strengthening HR Capacities in the Lebanee Public Sector’ organized by OMSAR and PLANET and financed by the European Union, which aimed at facilitating the implementation of the part of the "Strategy for Reform and Development of the Public Administration in Lebanon" that deals with the HR component, and during which the existing situation was analysed and feasible actions to be adopted by the CSB, MOSA, MOT, MOPH and MOI were recommended, the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) has selected professional trainers to be part of their program stretching from March till May 2017 for the provision of training courses and workshop sessions on different needed topics for the promotion to the second category of state employees and administrators belonging currently to the third category.
In line with the Development Plan in relation to capacity building activities in order to enhance the performance of the public administration via ENA, the following objectives were clearly set:
1. Training Needs Analysis, Development and Elaboration of Training Curricula and relevant databases.
2. Setting-up a structured Methodology with Tools detailing the training process and procedures.
3. Design, Organization and Delivery of Training Programs.
Therefore, ENA and QMS Engineers entered into a service level agreement, through which, experts from QMS Engineers will be providing workshop sessions on the principles of Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001 standard requirements.
The training outputs can be summarised as follows:
- To kick off a basic quality management system, based on the ISO 9001 principles
- To plan for sound sequential steps for system creation / implementation
- To conceive the quality policy
- To soundly implement the process approach
- To conceive clearly formulated objectives
- To apply the documentation system
- To acquire data analysis techniques, and use them as a new thinking methodology

QMS Engineers Managing Director stated: ‘‘ It’s an honour for us to be associated with the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA), and we highly appreciate the level of trust they have showed us; we therefore pledge that throughout our agreement we will spare no efforts to achieving the best results portrayed in the highest levels of attendees’ satisfaction, registered at the term of the workshop sessions ‘’


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