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June 05, 2017

QMS Engineers participates in the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Tunisia and Lebanon

The Tunisian Embassy in Lebanon celebrated the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Tunisia and Lebanon in cooperation with the Forum of Ambassadors of Lebanon and the National Institute of Administration at the Auditorium of Al-Rayes Hill in Baabda, in the presence of Dr. Elie Assaf representing the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Gebran Bassil, Papal Ambassador Gabriel Kacha, Ambassador of Tunisia to Lebanon Karim Boudali, President of the Constitutional Council Issam Suleiman, Former Minister Elias Hanna, Maya Sukkar Representative of the President of the Party "Gu Lebanese Ambassador Samir Geagea, Marcel Logan Representative of the French Embassy in Lebanon, President of the Forum Ambassadors Lebanon Ambassador Khalil Makkawi, Director of the National Media Agency Laure Suleiman, Director General of Real Estate Affairs George Maarawi, Member of the Political Bureau of the Lebanese Democratic Party Walid Ayyash, National Institute of Management George Labaki, Director General of the Institute Jamal Al-Zaim and a number of staff of the Institute, alongside with QMS Engineers Consultants’ Head.
The event was kicked off with the Lebanese and Tunisian anthems followed by the speech of the president of the National Institute of Administration George Labaki, who said : "The Phoenician civilization was distinguished from other civilizations, far from armed needs and acts of fighting and destruction, but on the contrary, the alphabet, civilizations and the word were transferred to the world. Lebanese-Tunisian relations continued to grow, albeit in different forms, with the arrival of the Arab empire in North Africa. In the contemporary era, however, special relations developed between the two peoples. "
Then, the Tunisian Ambassador Karim Boudali said : "From the awareness of the common denominator between Tunisia and Lebanon, it has become clear that the diplomatic age of these ties and its strong indications cannot reduce the depth of their historical and cultural ties."
The word of the Minister of foreign affairs Gebran Bassil was pronounced by his representative who stated that “The historical truth that brings us together today is that between Lebanon and Tunisia more than just diplomatic relations between two states and two governments, but rather a history, civilization, heritage and people that have no borders between North and South.”


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