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May 12, 2018

QMS Engineers launches a new exclusive entity for workshops : SkillCap

Apart from more of a traditional training sessions, with the preponderance of time is spent in the presentation of material from the front of the room, QMS Engineers has created its exclusive entity SkillCap for the provision of workshops that imply relatively more time spent interactively in facilitated activities, to get participants fully involved in the learning process ; SkillCap addressses small and large group discussions, activities & exercises, in order to create opportunities for attendees to practice while applying the concepts that are presented.

SkillCap provides workshop sessions, according to attendees’ needs and conveniences. Facilitators work specifically on customizing content according to time constraints without compromising on their value, and performance's quality impact !
QMS Engineers’ SkillCap umbrella of workshops comprises four main series, each containing various related topics namely :
1- Human Capital Empowerment Series (Soft Skills)
• Communication Skills
• Presentation & Public Speaking Skills
• Time Management Basics
• Leadership Skills
• The Art of Understanding People Personalities

2-General & Iso Management Series
• Strategy Setting
• Designing A Balance Scorecard
• Yearly Strategic Business Planning
• Corporate Governance Principles
• Iso Overview
• Quality Management System Requirements & Kickoff
• Health & Safety Management System Requirements & Kickoff
• Auditing

3-Technical HR CBMS Series
• Competencies Framework & Competencies’ Dictionary
• Interviewing & Recruitment Techniques
• HR dept. Quality Planning
• Resume Screening & CVs Management
• HR dept. Launching
• Standard Operating HR Procedures

4- Sales & Customer Servicing Series
• Selling Skills (Basic, Intermediate, Expert)
• Customer Servicing Skills (Basic, Intermediate, Expert)


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