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August 04, 2018

QMS Engineers conducts a quality management session at Antwork Leadership Program 2

QMS Engineers had the honor of participating in the Antwork Leadership Program held at the Antwork hub. The Program Manager, Mrs. Hala Mouhana, along with the Program Moderator, Ms. Aysha Hable, partnered with the Lebanese Enterprise Development Project- LED to create a talent placement program that gives students, fresh graduates and career shifters a powerful entry into the job market.
The boot camp consisted of three different stages to fill in the gap between university studies and the real job market. The program kicked off with a series of workshops tackling different communication and skills development topics including a quality management session given by the Managing Director of QMS Engineers. Following the boot camp, a series of mock interviews were held by Mrs. Hala Mouhana to enhance participants’ interviewing skills and help them find their strengths and work on their emotional awareness. The final stage consisted of a real-life internship over a period of 6 to 10 weeks where participants can engage in a real-life experience with a startup at Antwork, SME, corporation, multinational or an NGO in Lebanon including an internship vacancy offered by QMS Engineers.
The workshop conducted by QMS Engineers on the 4th of August 2018 covered different Quality Management topics to familiarize the audience with the Quality Management System and ISO certification cycle and requirements. The presentation focused on the following topics:
1 - PDCA Cycle
2 - SMART Objectives
3 - Root Cause Analysis
4 - Process Approach
QMS Engineers Managing Director concluded by thanking all related parties for the preparation of the boot camp. Participants highly evaluated the workshop as they asserted in their session feedback form: they said that the transfer of knowledge was conducted in an interactive and pleasant way leading to constructive learning impact.
The Lebanese Enterprise Development Project – LED is a USAID- funded project that aims to increase employment opportunities for Lebanese citizens. It is implemented by Chemonics International through Chemonics Beirut S.A.R.L.
Antwork is a co-working hub for individuals and startups to kick off their careers by creating agile workspaces enabled with smart tools and added-value services.


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