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August 10, 2018

Selected employees from various offices of the RGH and SERTA CHANNELS attended a workshop on August 10, 2018 intended to enhance their skills and knowledge in communication.
The session consisted in the transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge in line with the required implementation needed. At the end of the workshop, all participants had the opportunity to express their level of satisfaction in writing. 18 out of the 18 participants have completed the QMSE standard evaluation questionnaire built around the various aspects forming a workshop/training activity.
The workshop was designed by QMS Engineers, focusing on the Communication Distortions & Effects, Types of communication as well as Basics of communication principles & paths. The workshop ended on a strong note while Reflecting on another dimension in communication…
The workshop main objective was to explore communication in its widespread sense while identifying the obstacles to the effective use of communication skills, and the benefits of efficient communication.
The workshop main outcomes were to identify and use practices based on good communication principles, build techniques for a better rapport, and practice new abilities acquired.
The feedback given in the written component of the feedback illustrates well the high satisfaction on the approach and learning methods used to deliver the workshop.
The mix of presentations, discussions and interactive group works based on case studies as well as diverse media were the main learnings methods used.
The QMS Engineers’ facilitator had the leadership within the presentation, and efforts were focused on supervising the group works, and on conducting the session and transferring knowledge in a productive and pleasant way leading to constructive learning impact.


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