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November 24, 2018

QMS Engineers participates in the 12th anniversary of KUNHADI NGO for awareness on road safety.

QMS Engineers, as regards to its social responsibility, had the honor to participate in the 12th anniversary of KUNHADI. On this occasion, KUNHDAI celebrated its anniversary on the 24th of November at Smallville Hotel, Badaro.

The ceremony opened by welcoming all guests, including political and public figures, road safety experts and professionals from the private sector, for their commitment to improving road safety in Lebanon.

Throughout the event, KUNHADI President, Mr. Fadi Gebrane announced the elected board of trustees, including QMS Engineers’ Managing Director, Ms. Desiree El Khoury, and different other significant and public figures.

This year, the event celebrated the successful implementation of “Save The Night” amazing initiative that the NGO launched a year ago. “Save The Night” works on raising awareness of the risks of drunk and fatigue driving discouraging underage and harmful consumption of alcohol and engaging youth in improving their communities. The initiative also provides Night Clubs and Pubs, that have been certified safe, with a free Taxi drive for drunk people, in order to decrease car crashes, the number one cause of death among youth aged between 15 and 29. Different prestigious organization were awarded the “Save The Night” label, in their aim for a safe nightlife in Lebanon including night clubs and pubs across all Lebanon. The project is monitored and improved by KUNHADI with collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Night Clubs and Pastries in Lebanon, Alcohol Distributors in Lebanon, Anonymous Visits and Complains on Zomato App.

The event was concluded by emphasizing on the importance of safe driving in Lebanon, stressing on the importance of the nightlife scene, knowing that Lebanon is one of the leading party destinations in the world, as listed by news networks like CNN, Wallpaper and DJ Mag.


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