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October 30, 2018

QMS Engineers launches SkillCap’s “Short Stint / Hot Stuff” Workshops Series at the Sagesse University

The Integration and Professional Development Center at the Sagesse University has entered into an agreement with QMS Engineers for the provision of a unique eight sessions program stretching for eight months at the campus. Due to the extremely high demand on extracurricular personal and professional development trainings for their students, SkillCap - the innovative Program managed by QMS Engineers – has introduced a series of outstanding and relatively short workshops.


It is no top-secret we all fancy acquiring new learnings in small byte sized packages, and in a fun environment! This led to the creation of: “Short Stint / Hot Stuff” Series for students.


The idea had burst forth from the growing trendiness of students hanging out within campuses between courses and during breaks, for more convenience and conviviality. So, we thought: why not use these break periods to empower them with new life and job skills away from the academic side, through the provision of short and effective workshops? Because of their dynamic nature such workshops will definitely encourage creative thoughts, entrepreneurship, collaborative working, continual self-development, and productivity.


We’ve conducted surveys that focused on uncovering and understanding subjects of interests among university students. We were keen on truly recognizing what they essentially want and need… As a result, we were able to carefully put together a blend of topics to perfectly match requirements.


Our incredibly brief but amazingly beneficial workshops consist of 90-minute hands-on sessions on various advantageous topics related to both self and professional development.


The sessions are short, fun, straight-to-the point and highly interactive, to ensure the best learning experience for students.


QMS Engineers’ Managing Director stated: “Because we strongly believe that there's nothing we love more than the infinite possibility of a brand-new project, and because we are passionate about positively touching and shifting students’ lives, we are tremendously enthusiast about making something inspiring together with the Sagesse University! We are also extremely excited to launch this initiative with many other universities for the best interest of our community”.


Topics like, Understanding People’s Personalities, Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication, Positive Psychology, Body Language, and many more, are provided in a highly interactive and motivational ambiance!  Apart from the theoretical/academic side, our workshop sessions include multimedia, games, group exercises, role plays, etc. in order to achieve best learning results, and to create high stimulus levels for attendees’ individual and collective reflection and engagement. As needed, our workshop sessions include coaching, facilitated at the group level.  Content and synopsis can be adapted as per needs and requirements.




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