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November 27, 2018

SkillCap’s “Short Stint / Hot Stuff” short Workshops Series is kicked off at the Sagesse University

SkillCap, the innovative program managed by QMS Engineers, launches its first workshop with the Sagesse University, within its agreement scope held with the university’s Integration and Professional Development Center.

QMS Engineers had the honor to conduct the workshop at the university premises on the 27th of November 2018, where different students from various faculties, as well as staff members benefited from the vast experience of QMS Engineers’ coaches.


SkillCap is a special program, managed by QMS Engineers, that provides organizations with a complete series of workshop sessions that stimulate learning by favoring participation and personal initiatives. SkillCap’s umbrella of workshop comprises five main series customized based on the organizations’ needs, without compromising on the workshop’s values. Those series include:



  • Human Capital Empowerment Series (Soft Skills)
  • General & ISO Management Series
  • Technical HR CBMS Series
  • Sales & Customer Servicing Series
  • Leadership and Growth Mindset Series


Each series contains various related topics.


QMS Engineers’ Life Coach conducted the personality workshop titled “The Art of Understanding Personalities” in a pleasant collaborative environment that stimulates constructive learning impact, during which participants discovered their personalities and understood how to react with all types of personalities. The presentation mainly focused on the following topics:

  • Discovering own’s color along with natural talents and core motives that drives a person
  • Accommodating one’s communication style to fit other’s personality types
  • Developing better insights of oneself
  • Understanding why people behave in a certain way, and how to respond in a constructive manner


Participants highly evaluated the workshop as they asserted in the session feedback form and that they are looking forward to other similar upcoming workshops.



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